What is “IF JUST FOR TODAY” about?

What is “IF JUST FOR TODAY” about? It is based on the 12 step program from AA and Al-Anon and the teachings from the Torah.  Although I have made slight changes that work better for me, I will also include the original AA Twelve Steps.

Life is sometimes not fair or easy but we can make it better for our self if we so choose.  For me, it is a manual on how to live one’s life.  It is based on that if you apply oneself, the rules and steps and really works at it you can better yourself and by that act alone others may wish to follow you in becoming better human beings.  Please understand this takes time  and effort in other words “sacrifice”.

If there were no sacrifice and it was easy one could not appreciate the amazing gift GOD offers us.  But as all things in life it is a double edge sword.   God gave ALL of us free will and many choose the easy path of less resistance.  This is natural but, if we truly want a better life we need to work at it.  And for me I cannot,  and do not want to do this alone.  For me I want God in my life and I understand I need to work at being a better human being.  I am a human being not a human machine.  Again lacking any appreciation for the challenge to change and the time and energy I need to commit to it.

Life is like this site; it is a work in progress, it is not a light switch that one just turns on and all is done.  More like a dimmer switch that over time one gets to see the progress and understand progress is the road to perfection which for me is a life long journey.