Should sign up with a storm restore expert that promise

We get the question someone knocked at our door saying we can get FREE siding and or windows. Should I sign up with one of these storm restore expert that promises I will pay nothing to replace my siding and or windows.

Many will ask you to sign a paper that will allow them to deal with your insurance company, many of these have a statement that once signed your are obligated to have them do the work.  At that point you are stuck and cannot have a contractor of your choosing to do the work.

In many cases this sounds appealing but the truth is if you are not paying anything in many cases you are getting lower grade products and some do not even put a under wrap such as a Tyvek or a similar product and even if they do many have no R value.

When re-siding your home this is the one unique opportunity to really seal and increase your energy efficiency of your home for a small amount, you will be saving more money yearly.  But when you go with one of these free you pay nothing you get what you pay for. We offer several options that can add R value up to R3 without building out window and door casing keeping your cost low.

We at CHI are certified to deal with your insurance we can handle your insurance claim but we explain WHY you need to do this the correct way.  As I said most are done to a lower standard when you sign up with the person that knocks at your door you give your rights to get other recommendations.  That paper they want you to sign, if you read it the fine print says that you are signing all rights over to that company. At that point you can not pick another contractor of your choose.

We at CHI do not work that way.  Come see the difference making the correct choose can add $$$$ in your pocket for years to come and when you sell your home you will have something your neighbors will not have to offer.